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Welcome to a new brand of living and working

Are you in need of more space for work, living, home gym or just a break out space to take you to your own hidden sanctuary.


Included in our pods are:

  • Airtightness membrane

  • Rigid Insultation

  • Cedar Wood Cladding

  • Coloured Rain Screen

  • Double glazed Windows & doors

  • Laminate Flooring

  • WC, Vanity Units

  • Can be moved or relocated

Work Eco

As we all know there is numerous reasons to why people are moving from working in open plan offices to having there very own eco pod. From avoiding busy roads to busy congested offices our eco pods are paving the way forward in avoiding stress and anxiety to a normal working day.

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Live Eco

There are various reasons for people now to move to a smaller home, elderly people who do not need the space, a young couple saving for on rent or those of you that just need that extra bit of space without having to go through the stress of living on a building site for months on end.

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Living & Working Range

All pods can be customized to your preference
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